Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Flick for September 16th hint:
For this Friday's feature flick, I'm thinking of doing something our buddy Jimmy Buffett would approve of.
Could it be Cheesburger in Paradise?

Did you guess Margaritas? You were right!
Even though the calendar and weather say Fall, it's always summer having this fun gadget around the house.
We bought this baby this Spring and boy did we give it a workout this Summer. It has traveled with us to back yard BBQ's and has been a hit at every party.  It's easy to use (even backwards!) and makes the most delicious drinks. I only showed you one.  What I didn't show you didn't see was the back of the machine. It has a little door that you can tuck away the cord making it nice and tidy when it's sitting on a counter or pantry shelf for storage. The back also has a clear, removable water reservoir to catch any water from melted ice cubes. Other gadgets that I used were a Farberware 8 x 10 cutting board; OXO Good Grips 4 cup angled measuring cup, OXO Good Grips 1/4 cup angled measuring cup, Norpro Lime Juicer, Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker, Pyrex measuring cups and a Tupperware measuring cup.  The mixes I used were Master of Mixes Strawberry Margarita Mix and Mocafe Original Frappe Iced Coffee Blend. Try adding your own cooled off coffee with some Torani Syrups. I've posted two sugar free flavors you might enjoy: French Vanilla & Caramel.
You could use your blender to make these drinks, but this machine really shaves the ice is so much more fun and it travels well! It's not too early to start your Christmas list. :)


  1. Are you a sugar or salt rimming those margaritas?

  2. I went with tradition: salt, Kosher salt. If you wanted to sweeten it up,sugar works too. Might be fun to use a colored sugar to match the drink. I realized during playback that I neglected to mention what I was rimming the glass with. Good pick up! Thanks for asking.


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