Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Fun "Must Have" Item In My Kitchen

So many times I've used this gadget and had not thought to post it here.  Today, I will give it it's due.

I've had this for a couple years, and love it.  I gave my daughter my under cabinet electric can opener and pretty much use this all the time.  I do have a Zyliss hand crank one that I use if I can't locate this one.
I bought this item at a Tuesday Morning store when I was visiting family in Texas. After watching my sister in law using this, I knew I had to have one.
Amazon has it for about the same price I paid for it.  The ratings don't do it justice.  I've had no problems with this little wonder.  As you'll see in my video, I was able to do use it with one hand!
Without further adieu, here is the humbly named "Handy Can Opener".

The Handy Can Opener

This is exactly the same design as the Zyliss, but Amazon did not have the Zyliss.


  1. Hey, Cheryl,

    That looks great - especially for someone with pain issues like carpal tunnel or arthritis. Does it cut in the 'old fashioned' way - meaning does it leave a sharp edge? Or does it cut the new safer way, leaving a smooth edge?



  2. Kay,
    The cut is a clean, safe cut. No rough edges.
    It seems to work on any size can with no problem.

    It uses 2 AA batteries. They last a long time. I've only had to change them once in a 1 1/2 years.

    It's a lot easier to store than any stand up can opener, and in my humble opinion, works better. I don't have to worry about the can dropping to the counter when it's done! :)

  3. Thanks! I may get one for my Grandma whose hands bother her sometimes.



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