Friday, December 2, 2011

Here is Our New (England) Kitchen!

After many weeks of roughing it, the project is done. It seemed like forever, but as projects go, I'm told this was done in good time. We started in October and the painter was the last to do his thing, he was done last Saturday.
The video might be a little jumpy, so I've also posted some still photos.  You might see my shoes on the rug in the hall pantry...they were making too much noise on the wood floor, so I kicked them off during the video.

Updated photos below the video: April 27,2012

Here is the reveal video:

Some updated & some close up photos (April 27, 2012)


  1. Hey, Cheryl! Looks great! Congrats and enjoy!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for posting the video, too. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying settling in to your new kitchen! :-)

  3. Hi - I just wandered over from Amazon - LOVE your kitchen! I have sink envy!

  4. Thanks Deb! It was a splurge item, but seeing we use it every day I thought it was a worthwhile investment. Got it online, sight unseen, at Signature Hardware.


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