Friday, December 30, 2011

Almost New Year's Day, Time to Reflect

 After a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with  friends, family and lots of food it's time to reflect on healthier eating.
The snack shown below helped me satisfy my sweet tooth this summer that allowed me to lose a few unwanted pounds.
It's time to to get back on track for the new year, so the apples, are making a come back.
This snack makes me feel like I'm eating apple pie but without all those calories.

The gadget I use is the Borner V Slicer. There are more expensive ones out there, but this does the job and is far less complicated to operate. I have two of these Borner V Slicers. They both do the same job, but are designed differently. The two listed below come with different slicer attachments.
I can't say I prefer one over the other.  Borner also sells slicers that have specific types of cuts, you can find them on  Some of these are eligible for Amazon's Four for Three Promotion.

A simple, delicious, healthy snack:

"Baked" Apple Slices with Cinnamon - Zero Weight Watchers Plus Points; 116 Calories

 Put the medium insert into the V slicer. Place apple slices shingle style on a pretty plate or platter, dust with cinnamon through a fine mesh colander. Microwave covered for one minute. Serve warm. If your apples are too tart for your taste, you could add liquid or powdered Stevia.

Below are the different inserts, and the slices they produce.

 Very small julienne 
 Medium Slice
 Thin Slice
 Thicker Julienne
 Thickest Julienne (could be used for french fries)
Waffle Slice
 Raw apples, dusted with ground cinnamon (above)
Cooked, warm apples (below)

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